Stassi Giveaway Winners

La La Land Giveaway Winners!

Ya’ll. I have to talk about this LaLaLand Giveaway. I’ve felt so emotional about this very generous giveaway from my friend Kyle Chan, because I love you Khaleesis so much and seeing…

solo podcast update los feliz murder house

Stassi almost gets her finger cut off

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi is going solo again this week due to a sore throat that makes her sound like she “ate a tall grey frog.”  …

stassi schroeder chanel paris

Stassi Takes Europe (Photo Gallery!)

On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, Stassi struggles to return to normal life after returning from her recent whirlwind, life-changing trip to Europe. “I wake up just wanting to eat…

kristina kelly - beverly hills - podcast

Kristina Kelly & Stassi take Beverly Hills

On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, she’s joined by the OG, the first guest that Stassi ever had on her podcast, and one of her best friends: Kristina Kelly. “Yeah,…

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#ASKSTASSI: Instagram + Dating Etiquette

  Dear Emily, This is such a tough question! Before I start rambling, *disclaimer* I’m new to all of this shit. I’m newly single in a world where we have to deal…