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On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, our girl is joined by Rachael O’Brien, and they’re honoring Jax Taylor’s late father, Ron Cauchi.

“It means that Ron Cauchi was somebody special.”

“Let’s start off by saying that Jax’s dad, Ron Cauchi, one of the most wonderful men Rachael and I both had the honor of meeting, passed away from cancer a couple weeks ago,” Stassi says. “They had a funeral service for him in Florida, and then we found out they were doing a celebration of life memorial in Michigan. Right away I felt the need to go. I knew him, he was always so kind to me, his family is so kind to me. His son isn’t, but the rest of the family is.”

“That’s not Ron’s fault,” Rachael adds.

“Yeah, it wasn’t Ron’s fault that Jax is a dick,” Stassi says. “So I’m like, ‘I have to go.’ I call Rachael.”

“And I didn’t know at the time because I’d been in New York for New Years and I wasn’t in town,” Rachael explains.

“I didn’t ask you originally when I planned to go because I just thought you were in New York and were going to be like, ‘I’m already traveling, it’s impossible.’ Luckily I did ask you,” Stassi says.

“She texts me, ‘I’m debating flying to Michigan for Jax’s dad’s memorial.’ You weren’t there to see it, but I had a very major reaction,” Rachael recalls. “It wasn’t on my radar. I panicked, like, ‘We have to go.’ I called you, basically crying, saying ‘We have to go.’ He was so great to us.”

“I think most people know this, but Rachael was Jax’s girlfriend right before me,” Stassi explains. “So there’s that. So then you called me and you completely confirmed why I wanted to go. You should explain what you said because I think that this is something that people could really learn from. I think so often people have so much pride that they aren’t willing to put it away for the sake of something better. You just had an excellent point on why we should go. I think it’s a wonderful thing that we all came together. Kristen Doute went with us, and Brittany was there. We looked, to the outside, ridiculous. Two ex-girlfriends and the girl who he hooked up with who was their best friend and is still, and his new girlfriend — it looks ridiculous.”

“But it didn’t matter,” Rachael said.

“It did not fucking matter,” Stassi agreed.

“What I said to her was — besides the fact that my own dad has had cancer for most of my life, and Jax had reached out when his dad was first diagnosed, because he met my dad, and my dad is still alive, thank God — we just realized that if one of our fathers died, especially if they had met Jax or any one of our friends, if Jax showed up to that even if I hated Jax, my dad must have touched him in some way,” Rachael says.

“It would mean that your dad was somebody special,” Stassi adds.

“I had just been to the funeral of a friend’s dad who passed away. I saw how much it meant to them because it made that day so much easier for them, because it was a celebration of their father,” Rachael says. “I know the next day was probably horrible, but at least for one day they got to hear people talk about how great their dad was.”

“And to see just how many people loved and respected that person,” Stassi says.

“So that’s why we went,” Rachael says. “And also, dysfunctionally, we’ll always be bound to Jax for some reason. He’s an ex-boyfriend, you’re on a show with him, Brittany is our friend. Let’s say Brittany and Jax get married — we’ll always be in their life.”

“A lot of people were like, ‘This is so weird.’ But It’s not, actually. May that be a lesson in putting aside differences for the sake of something better,” Stassi says. “There are more important things than the pettiness of what we fight over.”

“So true,” Rachael agrees. “I mean, his dad was always so nice to us. It was cool to see how many people cared about him.”

“And to hear the stories,” Stassi adds. “I’m very, very glad that we went.”

“Jax’s mom was always so nice to us, and his sister Jenny. And frankly, if I’m honest, it was perhaps a small memorial to the fact that Jax will turn his shit around and become a better person after this,” Rachael says. “Maybe we put shitty Jax to bed.”

“Fingers fucking crossed,” Stassi agrees. “I did say this to him: ‘Don’t you dare think that because we just flew across the country for your father and your family that you are all of the sudden off the hook and we’re not mad at you for things you’ve done.’”

“To us, to Brittany,” Rachael adds.

“Like, this is not a reward for your behavior,” Stassi says.

“It’s an honor to Ron,” Rachael says.

“We want to honor Ron,” Stassi echoes.

“There was no other motive than that,” Rachael says. “But sometimes, life things like that turn people around. He was being so kind to Brittany when we were there.”

“It was really nice to see,” Stassi adds. “I was getting annoyed because I kept seeing people on Twitter write mean things to Jax being like, ‘You’re getting what you deserve.’ That’s disgusting, gross shit.”

“At one point, Jax was a little kid who had never done anything wrong… anything Jax has done as an adult has nothing to do with his Dad,” Rachael says.

“There were so many opinions, like, ‘I can’t believe Brittany stayed with him and is there with him right now.’ His father passed away. His amazing father passed away. This is my problem with Twitter. It’s awful,” Stassi says. “But hopefully we can inspire someone out there to swallow pride for the sake of something good.”

“And if not, well, I’m glad we went still,” Rachael says. “Rest In Peace, Ron. He was a good dude.”

“He had a great tan,” Stassi recalls.

“He had a great mustache as well,” Rachael adds.

“He had a great gold necklace. Taught me how to catch sharks,” Stassi continues.

“He was fantastic,” Rachael says.

“He was a wonderful man,” Stassi agrees. “So, let’s dedicate this episode to Ron Cauchi.”

Rest In Peace, Ron.



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