The Fashion Week from HELL w/ Taylor Strecker

Curious about how Part 2 of Fashion Week went?

Spoiler alert: It was worse. Way worse.

“This has been a cursed trip. I am cursed,” Stassi begins. “I should have known that this trip was going to suck the second that I got my nails done the day before I came here because the color was ugly. They started off looking like Spanx. That’s happened to me before.”

“You have a theory that if the nails are bad, the trip is going to be bad?” Taylor asks.

“It’s an omen,” Stassi says. “I have gone and gotten the gels scraped off at the last minute because I had a feeling that it was going to make my trip shitty. And I should have done that.”

The two go on to explain what transpired on the cursed trip, leading up to the big finale: Stassi sobbing backstage at a fashion show. After getting the wrong address to the show (among other mishaps) the ladies arrive 20 minutes late. They get ushered backstage and then…

“[The models are] waiting to go out on the runway. They’re holding the show. I’m dressed by [the designer]. That’s how much I was supposed to be sitting at this fashion show. It was a big deal. People are like, ‘You need to get out there.’ The PR girl WALKS US THROUGH where the models come out,” Stassi recounts, horrified. “The lights were already down. You would have thought we were walking out on Broadway and we were the opening act.”

“What should have happened was, if they’re holding the show for you, they should have already had a spot they were going to throw you in the second they got you through,” Taylor says.

Everyone was staring at them as the frantic PR girl searched to find them seats. To make matters worse, the PR girl couldn’t find them any and suggested they head toward the standing room.

“Kelly Cutrone taught us this a year and a half ago: Kelly Cutrone looked at both of us and said, “Do not go to a fashion show unless you are in the front row. It is a horrible look. I don’t care how famous you are, I don’t care, Stassi, do not fucking go unless you’re in the front row,” she recalls.

“Period, end of story,” Taylor confirms.

So what do they do? Walk right back out through where they came in.

“I nearly shat myself,” Taylor laughs.

“I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, where is the bathroom?’ and people were shouting, ‘We’re starting, this is your last chance,’ and I’m like, ‘Start the show. Don’t wait for me. Start the show. I don’t give a fuck. I need a corner to cry in, where’s the bathroom?’ And I go, and I find a corner, and I sat there, and I cried,” Stassi says. “It was the worst day ever.”




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