Stassi & Taylor have the best night EVER

Stassi and Taylor Strecker

On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, Stassi and Taylor Strecker talk about how to place value on your own time, Rachel Zoe’s amazing dinner party for The Zoe Report’s Box of Style, and the differences between men and women.

“I’m pretty sure Rachel Zoe doesn’t do charity cases”

“I think we were still early even though we were half an hour late,” Stassi says. “But we walked in with Molly Sims and that made it okay.”

“So let’s list the people that were there because it was kind of impressive,” Taylor says. “I’ll do it. Nicole Richie.”

“She’s one of my favorites and I really wanted to be BFFs with her,” Stassi says.

“Rachel Zoe, obvs, her husband Rodger, obvs, Molly Sims, we said, Jessica Alba, Nate Berkus, Catt Sadler,” Taylor lists off.

“And Katherine Power,” Stassi adds. “She’s one of the creators of Who What Wear which is one of my favorite fashion websites. Everybody was so nice. Whatever. We went home and when you fell asleep I cried. I just feel so grateful.”

“I felt like it was the most special night of my life,” Taylor says.

“You don’t understand Taylor, I’ve dreamed about not being the reality person and being accepted,” Stassi says.

“But you are beyond that!” Taylor argues. “That proved it. Did you feel validated? Like, ‘I deserve to be here’?”

“No, I still don’t feel like I deserve to be there,” Stassi says. “I felt like, ‘Oh my God, Ashton Kutcher is going to come out and be like, ‘Ha ha ha ha, you’re punked! You don’t belong here, skank.'”

“But everybody there was a fan. That’s the thing you don’t get. Ugh, I should be your manager. It’s like, you go to these places and people love you! We were at Nobu in Malibu today. That’s a fancy fuckin place. You cannot get reservations there unless you book them months out or know someone. And everyone was looking at you, everyone knew who you were. These adorable sisters came over to say hi to you and they were like, totally cool. You just don’t understand the celebrity that is Stassi Schroeder and I do and I was so proud to be with you last night.”

“I felt like a charity case,” Stassi says.

“I’m pretty sure that Rachel Zoe doesn’t do charity cases,” Taylor says.

“When you get told on Instagram and Twitter everyday that you’re a fucking loser or that you’re ugly and you’re fat and you’re meaningless and they hate you… It effects all of us, every person that gets that … And I’m a Cancer so I’m sensitive. I can’t help it.”

“The tables are turning.”

“My diagnosis for you is the same as your mom—it’s just that you’re very masculine in your energy,” Taylor says.

(There’s a silence from Stassi.)

“If looks could kill,” Taylor says. “She just shot me this look like, ‘I will fuck you up.’ No you’re masculine in energy. You are a boss bitch. You are a Beyonce. Seriously, you are all things empowered. And a lot of guys, especially our generation guys, are raised to be pussies, so they meet a girl like you and they’re like, ‘Woah woah woah, I’m just going to grow a really long beard.’ The tables are turning … In empowering women, guys were left behind,” Taylor says. “So I think that in your generation the guys are veery confused about how to proceed in terms of masculinity. So when they meet a girl that’s very solid and independent and masculine in nature in a good way, it is intimidating and they bug out.”

“I struggle with hearing you call me masculine,” Stassi says.

“But I’m not saying like, ‘Hey butch bitch,'” Taylor says.

“I understand that,” Stassi says.

“We’re entering a really interesting time where 50% [of women] maybe are going to be the breadwinners and that is exciting to men because it gives them a break because being the breadwinner is exhausting, but it is also simultaneously really identity threatening,” Taylor says. “So your mom’s method of flirting, although valid and accurate and effective, right now is kind of in this seasaw where it may or may not work. We’re getting deep.”

“No, but I want to get deep,” Stassi says. “All my Khaleesis are going through the same exact things that we all are, whether they are married or in a relationship or single or whatever. We’re all going through the same issues.”

“Are we so critical of each other that we are our biggest enemies?”

“All I know is that I have the best boss I’ve ever had in my life at SiriusXM,” Taylor says. “She is a goddess and she is so feminine and beautiful but so kickass in business. She can be so sweet, and then she can be such a boss and so get-shit-done. I feel like if we could all embody that persona, maybe we could move forward. But I also wonder, are we so critical of each other that we are our biggest enemies?”

“No, because I know that men are just as critical of each other,” Stassi says.

“But men get over shit more quickly, I feel like,” Taylor says. “They’re competitive, without a doubt.”

“Everybody can be competitive when you’re in the same field for the same situation,” Stassi says.

“Imagine this scenario: Men are the primary caregivers of kids. They’re at a playground and one kid does something bad and the other guy’s kid is acting well. I don’t think guy with the good kid is going to look at guy with the bad kid and go, ‘He’s a bad parent, he drinks too much, he dresses like a slut.’ He’s gonna let it go,” Taylor says. “I’m not trying to be anti-feminist. I just think that maybe we are our worst enemies.”

“I think that guys don’t have real friendships then,” Stassi says. “All they want to do is hang out with guys that are fun to be around.”

“When a guy fucks another guy over they’re like, ‘Oh, whatever,'” Taylor agrees.

“They accept it and they go on with it,” Stassi says. “Whereas women, are like, ‘No, actually.’ Because we are stronger. I really do feel that. We’re stronger in a different way. It’s different.”




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