Stephen McGee of Bravo’s Summer House is in NYC with Stassi

stassi and stephen mcgee summer house

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi has a guest who loves to gossip just as much as she does. You guessed it, it’s Stephen McGee of Bravo’s Summer House!

That’s Our Job, To Stir The Shit

“What’s it like to be the scene-stealer now?” Stassi asks from the get-go. “You’re the comedic relief.”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s so weird to comment on things that I’m not really involved in, but I do kind of love it,” Stephen says.

“You get to stay on the outside of everything and then just judge people,” Stassi says.

“I love judging,” Stephen says.

“So do I,” Stassi agrees. “I wish that I could just let everybody else have the drama and I just sit there and make my judgements.”

“And there is so much to judge on Summer House,” Stephen says. “A lot.”

“Do you get any hate at all?” Stassi asks.

“I do get some hate,” he says. “Somebody said that my voice is the most annoying sound on the planet. I can handle that. But I am getting a little bit of hate saying that I’m stirring the shit. I’m not stirring the shit. It’s validated.”

“You are! That’s our job, to stir the shit,” Stassi says. “We all, as reality people, at different times, have to start the shit, stir the pot, finish the shit, bake the shit, eat the shit.”

“I think I just present the shit, like on a platter,” he says, “like, this is really what happened.”


I’ll Always Be Your New York Boyfriend

“Can we talk about how it looked like we were in a relationship the last time we hung out because I made you carry me while we danced the whole time?” Stassi asks.

“I have pictures of us holding hands walking down the street,” Stephen says.

“It’s so cute!” Stassi says.

“It is kind of like we’re in a relationship and I do kind of like being your New York boyfriend for now,” he says. “I did confess to Taylor Strecker that if I was straight I would probably date you.”

“That is one of the nicest things anyone could ever tell me,” Stassi says. “Like, when a gay guy says that to me… I don’t even know if that’s happened before.”

“I don’t even think I would ask you to change anything about yourself,” he says.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Stassi asks. “You wouldn’t even want me to like, get a little bit bigger of an ass or something?”

“I don’t think so, I think it’s pretty good,” Stephen says.

“Wait, thank you so much,” Stassi says.

“Is this a connection right now?” he asks.

“This is a major connection,” Stassi confirms. “This is exactly what I needed to feed my soul.”

“I know,” Stephen says. “Well, I’ll always be your New York boyfriend.”


Um, Are We Soulmates?

“So, I know you’re obsessed with graveyards,” Stephen says. “So, if you ever want to have a New York Boyfriend trip, I think you should come to Alabama. We have a graveyard on our farm and it is the creepiest thing. It’s in the middle of the woods, like you’re literally just walking through the woods and then there’s a graveyard. There’s maybe like 30 graves with headstones. And there’s probably like another 20 graves that are just marked with these big stakes, and they’re from like the 1800s. I used to take my friends out there on Halloween and we’d just sit out there and light all these candles.”

“Um, are we soulmates?” Stassi says. “Wait, this is so cool.”

“We don’t know who they are,” he says. “We’ve probably had the house in our family for like 70 years, but the graves are from like the 1800s.”

“That is without a doubt, the coolest fucking thing I have ever heard,” Stassi says, in awe.

“So, I think you should come to Alabama,” Stephen says.

“Fuck yeah I want to come to Alabama!” Stassi yells.

“We can just camp on it,” Stephen suggests.

“Well I don’t like camping, but…” Stassi’s tone immediately changes.

“You just changed so quickly,” Stephen laughs. “It’s fine, there’s a house.”

“Then that’s good,” Stassi says, relieved. “Yeah, camping is just not my thing. I’m not really a fan of dirt, or like bugs, or not showering.”





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