my moment in chanel

A Moment in Chanel

There aren’t that may times when I get to wear head to toe Chanel, much…


My Cinderella Outfit with Georgine

Okay… so title of this post because if I were a Disney princess, this might very well may be my princess outfit of choice. I actually think this may be my favorite…


Daily Vice

Okay, I’m obviously very aware that my roots are terrible. Getting them done today. Don’t judge. Parking tickets are the worst. This ring was my debut piece for the Daily Vice App…

BTS: My New York Closet

I’ve been into wearing my body chain over my clothes, because why not. Okay, so it might not technically be my closet, but I like to think it is. Basically I wanted…

Just Stassi - Stassi Schroder - Topshop Lace Up Kitten Heels

My New Fave Shoe

Lets disregard the fact that I’m SOUPS into dressing like Serena Van der Woodsen and get to the real issue. Kitten Heels I know kitten heels get a bad rap, but I…

Danielle Bernstein - - Stassi Schroeder - Just Stassi

A Sheer Situation in NYC

I haven’t taken these rings off since I got them. (Nialaya)… Yes, I’m sweating. I know it seems excessively egocentric to post a headshot, (I mean, this is literally just a photo…

Straight Up With Stassi
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personal style staples - just stassi - stassi schroeder

My Personal Style Staples

Today I’ve decided to share my personal style staples with you guys! These are the things I’ve either had for a really long time or are the things I can’t live without.…